Thinking of Selling over the Holidays?

 A Myth Dispelled  


Often people think that their home will not do well in a Holiday market.  They think it’s a waste of time.  The fact is, it’s not and here’s why:  


1.      Over the Holidays, most of us decorate our homes more festively.   

       When the world outside is grey, our homes are often filled with vibrant

       colors and good cheer. 


2.      Our homes smell better!  This is a time of year when many are

       entertaining more, and the wonderful smells of holiday cooking fill the



3.      Serious shoppers only!  Yes we are all busy running to Holiday

        functions, doing our Holiday shopping, who wants to shop for a house 

        right?  Wrong.  The people who come to see your home are very

        serious buyers.  Why else would they be looking at this time of year?

        Not only that, but so any homes come off the market at this time, that

        you have reduced competition.  In a market with growing inventory,

        that can mean real money to you.  


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