Your Realty News April 2012
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Great New Inventory!!
By Victoria Lorusso
With prices still really low and mortgage rates at all time lows, now really is a great time to invest in Real Estate. Lots of great homes for sale both in Connecticut and in Florida!

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Five Reasons to Buy a Home Now

We all want to be wise investors, but our brains get in the way. Behavioral scientists tell us we are hard-wired to assume the future will be like the past. These tendencies can cause us to miss bargains in real estate. Here are five reasons why buying a house now is a good investment:

1. It's becoming more expensive to rent than to own.
Yes, renting is convenient, but living in a rental also comes with restrictions on what renters... Read More
Home Renovations: Where to Spend and Where to Save

Some home improvements are smart investments, and some will only cut into your profits when it comes time to sell your home. To help you distinguish the good renovations from the bad, The Remodeling Cost Vs. Value Report 2011-2012 ranked home improvement projects based on how much of the initial investment they recoup at resale. When it comes to renovations, it seems the bigger the budget, the smaller the payoff... Read More
Tips to Halt Spring Termite Infestations
Courtesy of ARA Content
While you're trying to find every available reason to be outside this spring, termites are doing the exact opposite—trying to worm their way indoors and devour your walls and floors. And they certainly aren't feasting for free.

"Termites have an insatiable appetite for cellulose found in wood, eating 24-hours a day, seven days a week. They cause serious and costly damage and can compromise the structural stability of a home," said Missy Henriksen... Read More
Contingency Sales Contracts

You want to buy a house, but first you need to sell your house. You'd like to sell your house, but don't want to be left without any house at all. Or, maybe you want to sell your house and don't want to get stuck with the first offer that comes along. These are seemingly catch-22 scenarios, but there's a special tool to help you out of such struggles: the contingency sales contract.

What Are Contingency Sales Contracts?
"Contingent" simply means that one thing will happen dependent upon another event taking place first. A home inspection is an example of a contingency contract, in that a buyers' completion of a home purchase is contingent... Read More
A Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning sounds like an annual event, but these once-a-year tasks can be scheduled throughout the calendar year. These are the chores you think of when your mother-in-law is coming to visit, or when you put your home on the market and strangers are about to view it very closely. Keep this checklist handy any time you are ready to tackle a whole-house scrub down.

Banish the Dust Bunnies
Dust holds odor, feeds dust mites, and provides breeding ground for mold in dark, damp places. Get rid of dust bunnies on all the forgotten surfaces of your home: inside closets, under furniture, light bulbs (unscrew first!), under and behind all major appliances, and on top of the refrigerator... Read More
Featured Listings
Historic Stone Waterfront
Colonial set on waterfront
acre w/pool & tennis. Fab
views over Long Island Snd.
Back on Mkt at just $4,3
Trump Parc Resale!!
Fabulous 2br, 2 1/2 bath
on high floor w/ fantastic
views. Tons of amenities in
the building. $946,000
Palm Beach Family Compound
W/cottage, 2 story garage,
for a total of 7036sqft at
center of twn on the island
Opportunity at $1,775,000
Perfect in Palm City, FL
Delightful 2br split home
w/ LR w/ cathedral ceiling,
open floor plan, prvt yard.
Great area & only $225,000
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